Key Issues in the Evaluation of Basic Education

The most recent project of the Academy is entitled “Key Issues in the Evaluation of Basic Education: Dialogues with the International Academy of Education.”  The project began with a conference held in Mexico City from September 1 – 4, 2016.  The conference was sponsored by Mexico’s National Institute for the Evaluation of Education (INEE).  Maria de Ibarrola and Sylvia Schmelkes organized the conference.  In preparation for the conference, ten Academy Fellows prepared papers for presentation.  In addition to Drs. De Ibarrola and Schmelkes, Lorin Anderson, David Berliner, Kadriye Ercikan, Denis Phillips, Bill Schubert, Rich Shavelson, Servaas Van der Berg, and Doug Willms.  Mexican educators served as discussants of the papers.


At present the papers have been revised for the purpose of including them in a book, initially published in Spanish and eventually in English.  The scheduled release date for the Spanish publication in sometime in the middle of 2018.  The titles and authors are listed below.  Anyone interested in receiving a pre-publication copy of a specific chapter is encouraged to contact the author directly.  Their contact information is on this website.

Introduction: The Many Functions of Educational Evaluation (D. Phillips)

Perspective on Evaluation from Curricular Contexts (W. Schubert)

Methodological Perspectives: Standardized (Summataive) or Contextualized (Formative) Evaluation? (R. Shavelson)

Between Scylla and Charybdis: Reflections on and Problems Associated with the Evaluation of Teachers in an Era of Metrification (D. Berliner)

Basic Education Teacher Evaluation: Political Tensions and Radical Oppositions (M. de Ibarrola)

Digital Divide: A Critical Context for Digitally-Based Assessments (K. Ercikan)

A Critique of Grading Policies, Practices, and Technical Matters (L. Anderson)

What International Educational Evaluations Tell Us about Education Quality in Developing Countries (S. van der Berg)

Educational Prosperity in Low and Middle Income Countries (D. Willms)

The INEE and Teacher Evaluation in Mexico (S. Schmelkes)


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