Martin Carnoy

Martin Carnoy

Bio and Research Interest

Professor Carnoy is the Vida Jacks Professor of Education and Professor of Economics at Stanford University, where he has served on the faculty since 1969.  He is a labor economist with a special interest in the political economy of the educational system.  He specializes in comparative analysis.  At Stanford he teaches courses in the economics of education in a global environment and resource allocation.

His research interests include applied economics, economics of education, international comparative education, and race, inequality, and language in education (RILE).  He currently is conducting research on econometric models of quality of education in Latin America and Southern Africa, changes in university financing, and the quality of engineering and science tertiary education in China, India, and Russia.


University of Chicago, 1964, Economics


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Carnoy, M. et al. (2007). Vouchers and public school performance.  Washington, DC: Economic Policy Institute.

Contact Information

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