Richard J. Shavelson

Richard J. Shavelson
Emeritus Professor

Bio and Research Interest

Shavelson is the Margaret Jacks Professor of Education (Emeritus), Professor of Psychology (Emeritus), I. James Quillen Dean of the Graduate School of Education (Emeritus) and Senior Fellow in the Woods Institute for the Environment (Emeritus) at Stanford University. His research spans basic psychometric research to measurement of learning, affect and performance to policy. The work includes accountability in higher education (assessment of undergraduates’ learning and college value added), assessment of science achievement, enhancement of women’s and minorities’ performance in organic chemistry, and the role of mental models of climate change on sustainability decisions and behavior.  Other work includes studies of the impact of computer cognitive training on working memory, fluid intelligence and science achievement.

Recent Positions and honors

President of the American Educational Research Association (1987-88)

Fellow of the:

•American Association for the Advancement of Science

•American Educational Research Association

•American Psychological Association

•American Psychological Society

•Humboldt Society (Germany)

Member of the:

•U.S. National Academy of Education 

•International Academy of Education.

Chair: Board of Directors of the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS, 2016 - 2018).


Stanford University (January 1971): The Relationship between Content Structure and Cognitive Structure in Physics Instruction 


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Shavelson, R.J. (2010).  Measuring college learning responsibly: Accountability in a new era.  Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.

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Shavelson, R.J., & Webb, N.M. (1991). Generalizability theory:  A primer.  Newbury Park, CA:  SAGE.

Shavelson, R.J., Hubner, J.J., & Stanton, G.C. (1976). Self-concept:  Validation of construct interpretations. Review of Educational Research, 46, 407-441.


Contact Information

1127 Johnson Street
Menlo Park, California 94025

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