Kadriye Ercikan

Professor and Director of Cross-cultural Assessment and Research Methods in Education (CARME)

Educational measurement and research methods in education
Cross-cultural and language issues in measurement
Validity of assessment and research generalizations

Member, International Test Commission Council (2012 - )
Member, Board of Directors of the National Council on Measurement in Education (2008-2011)
Member of the US National Academy of Sciences Committee on Foundations of Assessment (1998-2001)
Associate of the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies (2000 – present)

Stanford University, 1992

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Ercikan, K., & Lyons-Thomas, J. (2013). Adapting Tests for Use in Other Languages and Cultures. In K. Geisinger (Ed.), APA Handbook of Testing and Assessment in Psychology, Volume 3, (pp. 545-569). American Psychological Association: Washington, DC.
Ercikan, K. & Seixas, P. (2011). Assessment of Higher Order Thinking: the Case of Historical Thinking, in Assessment of Higher Order Thinking Skills, G. Scraw and D. H. Robinson (Ed.), (pp. 245-261) Charlotte: NC, Information Age Publishing.
Ercikan, K., & W-M. Roth (2009). Generalizing from Educational Research: Beyond Qualitative and Quantitative Polarization. New York: Routledge. This book was awarded the AERA Division D Significant Contributions to Measurement and Research Methodology Award.
Ercikan, K., & Roth, W-M. (2006). What good is polarizing research into qualitative and quantitative? Educational Researcher, 35, 14-23.
Ercikan, K. (2006). Developments in assessment of student learning and achievement. In P.A. Alexander and P. H. Winne (Eds.), American Psychological Association, Division 15, Handbook of educational psychology, 2nd edition (pp. 929-953). Mahwah: NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
Ercikan, K. (1998). Translation effects in international assessments. International Journal of Educational Research, 29, 543-553.
Ercikan, K., Schwarz, R., Julian, M., Burket, G., Weber, M., & Link, V. (1998). Calibration and scoring of tests with multiple-choice and constructed-response item types. Journal of Educational Measurement, 35, 137-155.

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