Wolfgang Schneider

Dr. Wolfgang Schneider
Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, University of Würzburg

Bio and Research Interest

Wolfgang Schneider is a Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the Department of Psychology, University of Würzburg, Germany. He received his PhD in Psychology from the University of Heidelberg in 1979. His research interests include the development of memory and metacognition, giftedness and expertise, the development of reading and spelling, as well as the prevention of reading and math difficulties. He was Vice-president and President of the German Psychological Society (2000-2004), and also Vice-president of the University of Würzburg (2004-2009). He is author and (co-) editor of about 50 books, including a volume on “Memory Development from Early Childhood through Emerging Adulthood” (2015), and (co-)authored more than 500 journal articles and book chapters.  Schneider was President of the International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development (ISSBD) from 2010 to 2012. He is a member of the Leopoldina (German Academy of Natural Sciences).  


University of Heidelberg, 1979


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Contact Information

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