News and Honors


The Oxford Encyclopedia of Curriculum Studies, co-edited by Bill Schubert, has received the 2023 Critics' Choice Book Award from the American Educational Studies Association. Previously, the Encyclopedia received the 2022 Outstanding Book Award from the Society of Professors of Education.


Educational Policy Analysis Archives

Seven Academy Fellows have contributed to a special issue of Educational Policy Analysis Archives (EPAA) on "Education and the Challenges of Democracy." They are Fernndo Reimers (who also was the editor of the special edition), Lorin Anderson, David Berliner, Nick Burbules, Ee Ling Low, Crain Soudien, and Yuko Tarumi. The link to the special issue is


General Assembly 2024

The General Assembly 2024, hosted by Ee Ling Low and Oon Seng Tan, will be held in Singapore beginning Wednesday morning, September 4th and ending late afternoon September 6th.

On Wednesday, there will be one or more professional development workshops for Singaporean teachers led by Academy Fellows.

The actual General Assembly sessions will take place on Thursday and Friday. More information on meeting venues, lodging, and transportation will be provided during the next year.

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