Academy Video Series

Academy Video Series

The Academy Video Series that was discussed at the Berlin General Assembly is now a reality. A dedicated YouTube channel has been established:

Currently there are six video interviews, all of which are linked to booklets in the Educational Practices Series. More will be added at regular time intervals. The currently available videos are as follows:

Andreas Demetriou, Understanding and facilitating the development of intellect.

Conrad Hughes, Guiding principles for learning in the 21st Century.


Fernando Reimers, Education and Covid 19: Recovering from the shock created by the pandemic and building back better.


Lorin Anderson, Tasks, teaching and learning the quality of education for economically-disadvantaged students.


Stella Vosniadou, Teaching how to learn: Setting the stage for lifelong learning.


William Schubert, Curriculum matters: What teachers should know and do.


Over time interviews on other aspects of IAE members’ scholarship will be added.

All Academy Fellows are encouraged to subscribe to the YouTube channel and share the link with colleagues who are not members of the Academy. By subscribing, you will be notified whenever new videos are added.

The Academy would like to thank Nick Burbules for taking the lead on this project and for conducting the interviews. In addition, the Academy expresses its appreciation to Nicki Brett, Clayton Crane, and Yessica Enriquez of the Learning Bar Inc for their excellent technical assistance in making the project a reality.

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