Two New Booklets Published in the Educational Practices Series

Booklets numbers 31 and 32 are now in print. Booklet 31 is entitled “Math Anxiety” and was written by Denes Szucs of Cambridge University (UK) and Irene C. Mammarella of the University of Padova (Italy). The authors describe ways of recognizing math anxiety, the effects of math anxiety on achievement, and suggestions for dealing with math anxiety in the classroomm.

Booklet 32 is entitled “Philosophy for Children” and was written by Keith J. Topping of the University of Dundee (Scotland), Steve Trickey of the American University (USA), and Paul Cleghorn of the Aude Education Consultancy (Scotland). The authors discuss the importance of engaging children in philosophical thinking, describe the Philosophy for Children program (otherwise known as P4C), and examine the effects of P4C over time. Booklet 31 can be downloaded at and booklet 32 can be downloaded at


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