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IEA Symposium at AERA

The purpose of this session is to inform AERA participants of the activities of the International Academy of Education (IAE), especially of one of its publications, the Educational Practices Series. Beginning in 2002 as a joint venture between the IAE and the International Bureau of Education (IBE) of the UNESCO, 31 booklets have been published in English, many of them translated into other languages.  In the first presentation, Stella Vosniadou, IAE Fellow, will provide an overview of the themes of the booklets written so far and invite prospective authors to contribute new topics and ideas to the series. The next three presenters – Christa Asterhan, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel); Keith Topping, University of Dundee (Scotland); and Denes Szucs, University of Cambridge (England) – will summarize their recent contributions to the series.  Finally, Maria de Ibarrola (IAE Fellow) will discuss the Mexican experience with the Educational Practices Series booklets and their translation into Spanish to that Mexican educators can profit from them best.  She will describe the relevance of the booklets within the educational needs and problems of the Mexican School system.



Upcoming 2020 Sessions

Stella Vosniadou is organizing a session for the 2020 AERA meeting which will be held in San Francisco from April 17 through April 21.  The sessions will focus on recent publications in the Academy’s Educational Practices series of booklets.


Upcoming 2019 Sessions

Olga Troitschanskaia has organized a symposium that will be presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association in Toronto, Canada, on Monday, April 8, from 2:15 to 3:45. In addition to Olga, participants include IAE Fellows David Berliner, Barry Fraser, Fritz Oser, Bill Schubert, and Rich Shavelson, as well as Horst Biedermann and Daniel Koretz. The title of the symposium is “Truth and Evidence – The Intricate Relationship Between Scientific Soundness and the Political Rhetoric in the Era of ‘Alternative Facts.’” The symposium will take place in the Toronto Convention Centre, 600 Level, Room 604.


New From IAE Fellows (June 2018)

We asked our newly admitted Academy Fellows to describe briefly their current research and suggest a recent publication that is indicative of that research. Here are the replies of Professor Ines Dussel, Professor Tina Seidel, and Professor Olga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia.


Recent Publications of Academy Fellows (April 2018)

Two booklets in the Educational Practices Series have been published.  “Accountable Talk: Instructional dialogue that builds the mind” (#29) was written by Academy Fellow Lauren B. Resnick and two of her colleagues, Christa S. C. Asterhan and Sherice N. Clarke.  “Proportional Reasoning” was written by Wim Van Dooren, Xenia Vamvakoussi, and Lieven Verscheffel, colleagues of Academy Fellow Eric de Corte.  Both booklets can be accessed by clicking on the Educational Practices Series at the top of the Academy’s homepage.


2019 General Assembly Meeting

On May 23-24, 2019, following the Days of the International Academy of Education held earlier this week, the General Assembly of the International Academy of Education took place at HSE University Moscow.  The General Assembly provides opportunities for educational researchers, policy makers, and practitioners from all over the world to meet and discuss key issues and problems in education.  This was the first time that the biannual meeting was held in Russia. Over the course of two days, Academy Fellows discussed joint projects and publications and provide opportunities for newly elected Fellows to introduce themselves and present their research. Members also took part in small group discussions on a variety of topics, including digital literacy and math education.


Upcoming 2018 Sessions

Members of the Academy are planning a session at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) which will be held in New York City from April 13 – 17.  The theme of the conference is “The Dreams, Possibilities, and Necessity of Public Education.”  David Berliner is organizing a session tentative entitled “Cohort, peer, and compositional effects on education outcomes” or “The impact of housing policy and spatial segregation on educational achievement.”  Other participants include Servaas van der Berg, Doug Willms, and Martin Carnoy.


Archived Publications


The Board, in early meetings, gave high and immediate priority to three projects for which task forces were set up: Home and School (which concerns the fruitful interaction of these two chief agents of education); Financing of Education (which concerns new means of supporting education and increasing its productivity); and Science Education. These projects have resulted in both book–length publications and, in some cases, also in shorter publications aimed at practitioners, as well as forming the basis for plans for workshops.

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