IEA Symposium at AERA

The purpose of this session is to inform AERA participants of the activities of the International Academy of Education (IAE), especially of one of its publications, the Educational Practices Series. Beginning in 2002 as a joint venture between the IAE and the International Bureau of Education (IBE) of the UNESCO, 31 booklets have been published in English, many of them translated into other languages.  In the first presentation, Stella Vosniadou, IAE Fellow, will provide an overview of the themes of the booklets written so far and invite prospective authors to contribute new topics and ideas to the series. The next three presenters – Christa Asterhan, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel); Keith Topping, University of Dundee (Scotland); and Denes Szucs, University of Cambridge (England) – will summarize their recent contributions to the series.  Finally, Maria de Ibarrola (IAE Fellow) will discuss the Mexican experience with the Educational Practices Series booklets and their translation into Spanish to that Mexican educators can profit from them best.  She will describe the relevance of the booklets within the educational needs and problems of the Mexican School system.


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