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Patrick Griffin

Patrick Griffin
Emeritus Professor

Bio and Research Interest

Patrick Griffin held the Chair of Education (Assessment) and directed the Assessment Research Centre for more than 25 years. He was the Associate Dean of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.  He is one of six Australians Fellows of the International Academy of Education. He was a psychometric project team leader for UNESCO in southern Africa, and was awarded, in 2005, a UNESCO Research Medal by the Assembly of Ministers of Education from Southern African nations. He developed a system of teacher assessment signed into law by the Vietnam Government and applied to more than 380,000 teachers. He has led the development of leadership frameworks for the Australia Institute of Teaching and School Leadership.  His work continues to focus on item response modelling applications to performance assessment with a formative focus. He was the executive director of the Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills Project is the lead editor of the ATC21S series.  Volume 1 was published in 2012; Volume 2 in 2014 and  Volume 3 is in progress for release in 2017. He is currently redeveloping that work with UNESCO to develop a global framework for a curriculum transition to future competencies. In 2014 his work in linking assessment to teaching was published as ‘Assessment for Teaching’ by Cambridge University Press. 


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